We are very fortunate to have many individuals who have shared their expeience with us to others. Here are a few of them.

Patricia Sweeting (20 year Real Estate Agent): October 20, 2012: I would recommend Peterborough Driving School to everyone & have sent several family, friends & clients to them.

Kim Riel (20 year Office Manager Peterborough This Week): September 5, 2014: Kevin, I wanted to personally thank you for your professionalism,understanding and excellent guidance you provided to my son Mitch upon achieving his G2 license today! He took the skills you taught and applied them. And nailed it! I will strongly recommend your program to anyone. Thank you for making a difference !

Reesa Obront-O'Grady (Office Manager David's Bridal, Toronto): August 13, 2014: Thanks so much for your help, we have a new G2 driver !!! Best regards

Pam Meadows (Office Manager Shield Printing, Belleville): September 21, 2014: Thank you for helping both Kris & Bailey obtain their G2. They both learned a lot and really enjoed their experience with Peterborough Driving School. We will be in touch next year for a review before their G tests.

Sherri Jamieson September 21, 2014: Thank you so much for helping Daniel get his G2. Thanks also for your recommendation for insurance. The lady who looked after us was great.

Nic Cunningham (Management Cosultant, Owner Success Consulting) October 6, 2014: I have full confidence recommending your school to any family, friends & clients. Well done with your achievements in busiess & community involvement.

Dorothy Mercer June 18, 2014: Thank you for everything, we really enjoyed our experience with Peterborough Driving School

Bill Pollock (Master Driving Instuctor/BDE Curriculum Director): December 12, 2014: Peterboough Driving school has my full blessing in recommending them to anyone. They are conscientious, hard working & take pride in running a MTO approved BDE program. I also applaud their involvement with the community. I enjoy working with them & thank them fo their help with compliance & fostering the relationship with DriveTest.

Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce December 11, 2014: We are proud to have you as a member. Congrats on your award of Excellence for 2014 its well deseved. Thank you for all you do for the community.

Catherine Chamberlain March 20,2015. Thanks to you & Heather for helping our son Ivan with his G2. We appreciate your patience, guidance & will recommend all our frineds & family contact you.

Lauren Warholtz July 6, 2015: Thank you for all your help in getting my G2 & making me feel safer on the road.

Alec Bouman July 21, 2015: I really appreciate all of your help & could not have got my G2 without you. Thank you especially with helping with my confidence.

Logan Hiltz July 23, 2015: My girlfriend will be enrolling in your August class as I told her how great you were when I took your course last year.

Jakki Clarke August 18,2015: Thanks so much for all your help, my sister will be taking your September class to help with her G1.

Tammy Groombridge August 28,2015: Thank you for all your help with my daughters success. She received her G2 today and could not have done it without your school. I am thrilled to see the improvement in her driving. It was a pleasure dealing with your school. Any family or friends looking for help will certainly be directed your way.

Prudence Jordan October 29, 2015: Thanks so much for all your help with my son Kierian. As of today he had his G2 & my son Owen will be coming to see you in the New Year.

Astrid Richardsen October 30, 2015: Thank you for your help, got my G today.

Cologne Smith November 27, 2015: Thank you so much for helping me get my G licence back. I have and will continue to recommend you to all my senior friends as well as anyone needing help with their driving.

Eileen Kimmett January 1, 2016: I have been passing on your school to friends for years.

Brent Butler teacher Kenner Collegiate February 9, 2016: Thank you for your patience & instruction of our son. We will definitely be telling our family & friends.

Erica Ingram Assistant Brach Manager BMO Lansdowne February 23, 2016: Thank you for your follow up on all my questions. Our twins will be enrolling in your March break class as will a close family friend.

Susan Thompson Teaching Assistant Trent University July 15, 2016: Lucy passed her G2 & is a more confident driver. She enjoyed your training & we thank you for all your help.

Nancy Loucks Sergeant Peterborough Police Service July 19, 2016: Thank you for all your help Conner passsed his G2. We will be signing up his sister next year when she turns 16.

Taylor Schonberg August 15, 2016: Thank you so much for all your help with getting my G2 today. Telling all my friends they should come see you.

Janet McAuley Oliver August 23 2016: Our experience with Peterborough Driving school was a good one. Much better than his older brother with another school. He know has his G2 & we thank them for their help.

Amy McLeish Case Processing Officer Canada Immigration Servives & Social Media Manager County Home Inspection August 29 2016: If you or a family member are looking to take driving lessons then look no further than Peterborough Driving School! Kevin is an amazing instructor, patient, informative, professional and kind. I would not hesitate to recommend him. Thanks Kevin for helping me get this far!

David Sharman Owner County Home Inspection August 29 2016: Thank you for all your help with Amy

Margaret Weir August 30 2016: I would like to sign my niece up for your September course. Your school comes highly recommended by my niece. You taught her twins earlier this year. I will not be shopping around just need to know how to sign up.

Lydia Cligan October 14 2016: I have my G2 licence thanks to you. I appreciate you giving me my confidence & freedom back. As a senior I found not having it was very difficult. Would like you to take me out & go over what is required for my G.

Mackenzie Smith November 16 2016: Passed my G test today thank you for your help it made me much more comfortable.

Hans Stenzel December 5, 2016: Thank you for helping me get by full licence back. Will be sure to tell all my senior friends.

Laken Sundberg (Legal Secretary Fox Law) January 25, 2017: Thank you so much for your patience & knowledge. Have my G2 as of today & could not have done it without your school.

Kevin Chapel (Nurse PRHC) February 23, 2017: Thanks for helping with my anxiety. Aced my test today, Examiner said it was easiest one ever had. Look forward to going over highway driving for G.

Tracy Imancini August 3 2017: Thank you helping my daughter get her G2 today. No doubt she would not have passed without you. Such a better experience than with other school she had.

Wael Nawara August 11, 2017 Professor Fleming College: Passed my G licence today. Thank you for all your assistance learning to drive in Ontario instead of back home. Will be sending my daughter for full course soon.

Astrid Chen November 20 2017: Could not have got my G today without you. Thank you so much for helping with both this & G2 last year.

Jamie Farrow February 25 2018 Lab Technician: Thanks so much for all your help. You made it more comfortable than I ever imagined to learn to drive. So many valuable tips especially in winter. 

Christy Candlish March 29 2018: My daughter took class with you & know looking to book my son & a friend.

Meredith Pilley (Professor Fleming College): August 4, 2018: Kevin & Heather are great ! Send your teens to him to learn to drive safely. My daughter starts in a few days & have sent many friends here. 

Calum Yuile Real Estate October 8 2018: They did a great job so far with my daughter so enrolling my son for next class. Then Calum Jr January 25 2019: Today I got my G2 and taking your course definetly helped. Will be telling all my friends. 

Christina Spooner Hickey January 18 2019: We enrolled our 3rd child with you & she just got G2 today. We would not think of anywhere else. Your patience & knowledge is fantastic. One more child to go

Van Haften family February 21 2019: Several years ago our son attended class & leanred a lot & enjoyed his experience. Our daughter is 16 in March & we would like to sign her up for March break.

Hailey Bock May 23 2019: Thank you for your patience & all the good tips. I fell much more confident now. Listening to my brothers advice to come to your school like he did was definetly the right choice. 

Matthew Ball July 3 2019: Thank you for all your help. My confidence is much better & will be sending my wife soon.


Jeff Ayotte Lawyer: July 3 2019: Thank you for all the support with my daughter. I knew it was the right decision to send her to you and it even exceeded my expectations.

Kaitlyn Taylor July 6 2019: Thank you so much. As you know I was ver nervous & did not think I would get my G2. I now have it and would not have done it without you. Telling all my friends to see you.


The Pantea family October 22 2019 on our Facebook page: Thank you so much for all your expert instruction,encouragement & flexibility. You make us feel so comfortable and took the stress out of driving. See you in 2 years with our boys. From Mom, Sophia, Juliana. 



Michelle and Grace Dunn November 12, 2020: Thank you for the driving lessons. I learned a lot and you were very patient.


Riley Davis November 19 2020, Thank you for all your help, I passed my G2 test. Would not have done it without you. 


Here are a few comments from our latest class in January 2023. This was an anonymous survey at the end of final session. I learned a lot more than I thought & liked it was a relaxed atmosphere & Instructors were approachable. Friendly & knowledgeable Instuctors who care about us & community. Instructors knew a lot & made things easy to understand. Would definitely recommend, will tell all my friends.