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Our classes take place at Comfort Inn, 1209 Lansdowne St. W. All classes run from 9-3 with lunch from 12-1 & are held at various times during the year. We are now offering the MTO approved online classes. It allows you to work at your own pace from home. There are several online programs used by the local schools. We feel ours works best. It was designed by an experienced Instructor while many others were not. It is also more interactive which we feel is important. The MTO program consists of 20 hours of class training as well as 10 hours Indpendant study & 10 hours In Car training. Please contact us for course availibility & pricing. As mentioned on our Home Page, industry specialists advise that to properly run a driving school course fees should be in the area of $700. This was a quote from 2013 so while online training does potentially reduce the cost, inflation needs to be considered.  We strive to offer a quality service at a resonable price. As of June 2022 our new price is $730 + HST until gas prices return to their previous level.  Payment can be made with e-Transfer. Full payment is required before any In car lessons will be booked.  To keep our prices down we do not accept credit cards. Please be advised MTO regulations is that the course must be completed in one year from start date. Also be advised the program works much better when given time. We recommend starting a course at least 2-3 months prior to a goal of completing it. We will be booking a week in advance minimum and most students will receive a one hour lesson each week. Many of our students start with us even before having their G1 which is a fantastic option. Our next class with openings is October 14th, 15th, 21st & 22nd.




Our program includes a variety of topics & learning techniques. Some of these include Rules of the Road, knowing your vehicle, observation skills & defensive driving. This is done through group discussions, videos & independant study.

We are also here to help our Seniors & thrilled to be part of the City of Peterborough webpage here

Our school also offers individual lessons for those looking to prepare for G2 or G roads tests. We also offer vehicles for use on Road Tests for those who have taken at least 1 lesson the week prior to their Test.





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